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Tailors Clapper

Tailors Clapper

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These magic tools are every tailors secret to crisp fold lines and perfect corners. Use it together with your iron and you will never look back - especially handy when working with heavier weight fabrics and wools. 

Hand made from off cuts of hard wood that would otherwise be burnt or end up in landfill. Each one is unique so may look different to the image.

How to use: 

1. Have your tailors clapper to hand when ironing your garment or sewing project. 

2. Iron the garment or sewing project and when you remove the iron quickly place the clapper on the area you have ironed and press down for 5-10 seconds. 

3. Remove the tailors clapper and hey presto - a fold that will hold in place much better.


Approximately 18cm x 5cm

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