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Large Cotton Reel Storage Board

Large Cotton Reel Storage Board

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If you are a sewing fanatic and own lots of different coloured threads you will be ready for an easy to hang and use storage solution. Once this is up on your wall you'll be able to keep your working area tidy and you will never have to face a tangled mess of threads again.

The threads are easy to see which makes selecting your sewing cotton for your projects super easy.  Each cotton reel board is hand made by myself creating a pleasing way of storing all your sewing cottons. 

Easy to mount on the wall with two screws or nails (not supplied). If you are not able to use wall space why not add a display stand to your order.

Hand crafted in the UK using beautiful birch plywood. Colour options are being introduced, I currently have white as an option. But if you have something  specific in mind please just get in touch.

Dimensions (height x width)

57cm x 24cm

Hanging instructions

  • Measure the distance between the hanging hook holes on the back of the board.
  • Simply use two nails or screws in your wall (depending on your wall substrate).
  • Hang the board up and fill with all your cotton reels.
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