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Bobbin Storage - Wall

Bobbin Storage - Wall

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A perfect mini storage board that can hold 27 sewing machine bobbins. The mini version looks great alongside my other thread holders for the cotton reels.

Not only is it beautifully made but it is also very practical. It makes it very easy to see what colour thread you have on your bobbins. No more scrabbling around in a messy bobbin box of tangled threads.

This bobbin storage is designed to use off cuts from my making process - which in turn reduces my waste. 

Hand made in the UK using beautiful birch plywood.

Dimensions (height x width)

24cm x 8cm

Hanging instructions

  • Measure the distance between the hanging hook holes on the back of the board.
  • Simply use two nails or screws in your wall (depending on your wall substrate).
  • Hang the board up and fill with all your cotton reels.
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